If ever there was a reason to jump into the Catch-Up apps from our Free-to-air services, it’s the content they offer there that doesn’t make it on TV.

The Australian Open is a prime example of that – when you turn on Channel 9 there’s a match going almost all the time, but if you were to take a wander around Melbourne Park you’d realise there’s a heap of matches on at any one time.

Especially this early in the tournament – there’s a lot to get through.

So, if you wanted to watch Sharapova, but her game isn’t on the broadcast channel, no drama – open the 9Now app.

Using Chromecast you can put any content on your main TV, or if your TV has the 9Now app installed on it – you can do it all with your standard remote. Likewise if you’ve got a Fetch TV box which also has the 9Now app on it.

I’m currently streaming four matches live in the EFTM office – not because I’m a massive Tennis fan, but because I’m a fan of the technology. This is amazing stuff.

So – no excuses – there’s plenty of Aussies playing (at this stage of the tournament) – so get in and enjoy the summer action.