When you’re Roger Federer you’re not just staying at a Best Western when you come to Melbourne for the Australian Open – you’re staying at a high-class hotel suite with all the gear you need.

And when you’ve got the endorsement deals Roger has, you also get to ensure that your sponsor’s gear is part of your travel. Enter JURA Australia, who were probably given the call to ensure that Roger – as a JURA ambassador – had a JURA coffee machine in his hotel room.

But what do you do with it when he’s checked out and heading home? You give it away! Not before you’ve asked him to sign it though!

So here it is coffee fans – your chance to win a cracking coffee machine the JURA Z6 – itself worth almost $4,000 – but priceless given it’s been used and signed by Roger Federer.

Get thinking, you’ve got 25 words or less.

Web: Win Roger Federer’s JURA coffee machine