I think the folk at eBay have noticed how bad some of the images are on listings from average punters trying to sell stuff.

You take your smartphone, snap a photo of an item either on the floor or holding it in your hand, and well – everyone can see your dodgy carpet or wallpaper.

Dodgy Background BE GONE! With a new feature embedded into the iOS and Android app called Image Clean-up.

What happens is you use the app to take your photos, the Artificial Intelligence built into the app then analyse the image and looks for a consistent background.

In almost an instant the app removes that background, turns it white and asks if you want to update your listing image.

This gives you a slightly more professional looking image for your listing, and well all know the images are what sell things!

The whole idea came out of eBay’s “Hack Week” – a company-wide competition that challenges staff to innovate and come up with new ideas to re-imagine the whole eBay experience.

Really cool stuff!