A 14 Meter TV screen – that’s crazy right? Well, it’s not a TV, it’s a Cinema screen but heck, it could be a vision for the future of home TV in some way.

Installed at HOYTS in the Entertainment Quarter in Sydney, the Onyx Screen would be the size of a 551 inch TV if you wanted to use home size examples.

While Samsung call it an LED screen, that’s a touch confusing for those of us that have referred to home TVs as LED for years.

This is quite different.

Built from blocks of LEDs, not dissimilar to their “Wall TV” product or any standard outdoor LED screen – it’s just a super refined and fit for purpose approach to using a screen-lit vision in the Cinema.

When you go to the movies the picture is projected onto a screen, the light comes from behind and bounces back at you.

With Onyx the light is generated pixel by pixel – in fact, because – unlike your home TV there is no backlight shining through the LEDs, each LED has its own light source – it’s more like an OLED TV than anything else.

Phil Gaut from Samsung Australia says “Most customers know Samsung as a world-leader in TV, delivering incredible entertainment experiences in millions of homes globally.

“With Onyx, we’re continuing to deliver the future of entertainment – now on the big screen – and we’re excited to partner with HOYTS to usher in a new era in cinema for Australians.

“Samsung’s cinema LED technology gives movie-goers the opportunity to see the latest blockbusters in the vibrant clarity and detail that Hollywood producers intended. We can’t wait for Aussies to experience Onyx for the first time, we know it’ll keep them coming back to the movies again and again.”

HOYTS boss Damian Keogh says “We’re always looking for new ways to stay ahead of the game and provide our guests with something unexpected,”

“That’s why we’re leading the way and incorporating Australia’s first Onyx LED screens into our cinemas. These screens are a total game-changer, providing a movie and entertainment experience unlike anything our guests have seen before.”

It’s a unique viewing experience, but worth checking out. A smaller 10-meter version will go into HOYTS Highpoint in Melbourne next month..

Globally, you will find them in Los Angeles, Beijing and in Zurich.