Did you know if you were forced into isolation or quarantine for 14 days you couldn’t watch every episode of The Simpsons?

Likewise, Grey’s Anatomy isn’t going to get done start to finish in that time.

So, if you’re not planning to work, and there’s no kids to distract you – just how much time every day would you need to dedicate to binge-watching to clear one of the most classic of TV series?

We’ve listed 14 of the most popular shows – and yes, I’m sure there are more we’ve missed, and worked out just how long it would take to watch them start to finish.

Then, just to help with your daily planning, we’ve divided that number by 14 days, to see just how many hours a day you’d have to sit and watch the same show just to finish it in time for your two weeks of isolation to finish!

ShowHours to BingeHours per day in QuarantineWhere
Grey’s Anatomy35725.5Stan
The Simpsons34024.2Disney+
Family Guy17112.2Stan
West Wing15411Stan
Buffy the Vampire Slayer14410.2Stan
Big Bang Theory1399.9Netflix
How I met your Mother1047.4Stan
The Office (US)997Stan
Brooklyn Nine-Nine674.7Netflix
Breaking Bad624.4Stan

Knock yourselves out:)