With retail shopping set to slow as we’re asked more and more to simply stay home, there are going to be people looking to still spend and online deliveries are most certainly still continuing.

On the back of that shift, Alcatel Mobile has today announced its official “Virtual Shopfront” has opened at Amazon.com.au.

This storefront offers a direct to customer approach for Alcatel who are keen to continue serving Aussies from their own Australian team here in Sydney.

Alcatel boss Sam Skontos says “Affordable technology is arguably more important now than ever before, as we are all watching our dollars and needing them to stretch as far as possible. Today’s announcement of an official local shopfront on Amazon Australia ensures we give consumers the choice of some fantastic sub-$200 options as they consider an online purchase, perhaps for the first time.” 

“I have spoken for a long time about the importance of investing in brands that in-turn invest locally in staff, customer support and community activity, and consumers can have peace of mind that they will be well supported. Alcatel is a brand they can trust, that I have personally led in Australia for over a decade now.”

“It is equally important that I reinforce the importance of purchasing through an official, Australian site, be it Alcatel or any other brand in the technology space. This is always important as it is in everyone’s interests to ensure only products that meet Australia’s stringent local safety standards make it into Australia. But it is even more important now as we seek to support Australian companies and jobs.”

What we need now are Aussies buying from Aussies, and going direct like this is the perfect way to do it.

You’ll find three great products at the Alcatel store – the Alcatel 3, a dual-camera smartphone with a 5.9 inch screen for $139.

The Alcatel 3 comes in Blue & Purple Gradient or Black & Blue Gradient from the Alcatel Amazon Store.

Down the range, the affordable Alcatel 1X – $109 is a perfect phone for the kids or grandparents to get into the simple things we need right now like messaging or video calling.

It has a 5.5 inch screen, an easy all-day battery and will set you back just $109 in either Blue or Black at the Alcatel Store.

At $199 the Alcatel 1S has a touch more performance and an improved camera with a cracking good 81.3% screen to body ratio – meaning it’s all about the screen.

That one comes in Blue or Black online at Amazon.

Shop Australian folks!

Web: Alcatel via Amazon