When you’re a company with the history and range of products like Sennheiser it can be difficult to really get across the quality and range within a limited retail environment.

This is one of the reasons why Sennheiser has opened flagship stores around the world to showcase their products and Australia has one of just eight globally located right here in Sydney.

The location may be one of the most spectacular of all the Sennheiser stores globally as it is located inside part of the old Commonwealth Bank building in Martin Place Sydney.

As a historic building, this was a difficult challenge for Sennheiser, just a small sign hangs outside and a single logo is on the classic entry doors.

Inside, Sennheiser has constructed a store within a store, keeping an open top where possible to allow you to see the glory of the fantastic building.

It would be difficult for Sennheiser to showcase every single product they have, however, there is a wider range than you would have seen in any other location.

Split into consumer and Pro Audio products Sennheiser have selected some of the most used and popular products, in particular from the Pro Audio range to display and demonstrate.

There are wireless microphones for presentations as well as microphones for studios and podcasting – in the City of Sydney there’s likely to be plenty of business’ dabbling in things like Podcasting so this becomes an easy buy for them.

The Augmented Reality Ambeo headphone and recording range are also on display so if you’ve ever wanted to truly understand the concept of Augmented Reality audio the team is there to explain it.

If you’re like most people wandering the streets wearing headphones you probably don’t realise how good a set of headphones can sound. Those headphones you got with your phone are good, but they are far from great. This is really where I think the Sennheiser store excels.

They have consumer headphones for all prices, including the outstanding Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Noise Cancelling headphones ($599), the new HD450BT noise-cancelling headphones ($299) and their non-noise cancelling siblings the HD350BT’s at $199.

But here’s the thing, they also have headphones worth $3,000 which you can sit down and enjoy. The reason I think this is fantastic is that it allows you to properly appreciate how headphones can sound, perhaps get a sense of what you’re missing.

This is not a place where you’re subject to pushy sales techniques, so you can simply enjoy the sound. A great place to spend your break if you’re working in the City.

One of my favourite audio products in some time is the Sennheiser Ambeo soundbar and you can get a stunning demonstration of that right in the front of the store.

However, if you plan your visit, you might be able to get something a bit more special. Out the back, there’s a small room dedicated to sound. Inside is a big-screen TV and Ambeo soundbar where you can really appreciate that sound.

Also inside is a set of the Sennheiser HE1 headphones, valued at $89,000 give or take, these are something so special you do need to make an appointment, but trust me, that’s worth making the trip for.

The Sennheiser Store is a showcase of the best of Sennheiser and the breadth of the Sennheiser range, but it’s not a traditional retail store – you can listen, enjoy and buy if you choose.

If you’ve got the time, ask them for a tour – I’m sure they’d love to show you the whole range.

Trevor Long took part in a tour of the Sennheiser Store in Sydney as part of a paid partnership to produce an episode of Two Blokes Talking Tech with Stephen Fenech from Techguide.com.au