I can’t keep up with all the wireless headphones hitting the market. It’s a huge growth market and that’s thanks to some great technological innovations and market leadership from some of the biggest brands.

But, I also know that many people find these big-brand headphones a touch expensive and out of their own budget.

Enter the brands you’ve never heard of. Like PaMu.

Don’t worry, I’d never heard of them either. I was sent them out of China with little or no expectations.

Be it the Qualcomm aptX chip on board, or just great engineering, these things blew my mind.

Let me be clear, these are $99 headphones. I’ve seen them on Amazon at $99, and I know you can get them for a touch less than that including delivery online.

But you should also know these don’t have any Australian certification or testing, nor do they come with protection from Australian Consumer Law in terms of warranty.

If you’re keen to roll the dice, you won’t be disappointed. These are feature packed.

The playtime is 10 hours! With another 20 hours in the charging case ready to go. That’s a hell of a lot of play-time by any measure.

When you need a recharge for the case – it has Qi wireless charging.

There are fantastic touch controls on the sides of each earbud with single tap for play and pause, double-tap for track forward on the right ear, double tap on the left ear for voice assistant.

And, touch and hold each for volume up or volume down.

That number of on-bud feature controls is way more than what’s possible with Apple’s AirPods.

Headphones with great features are useless with poor quality audio though, so that’s a risk, but I was impressed with the quality of sound from these tiny earbuds.

Using one of the four tips which come in the box, you find a snug fit and you’ll get great sound – I can’t imagine you’d be disappointed, particularly given what you’re paying.

They look good, the charging case is very portable and sits flat on your desk while charging the earbuds inside.

I was really impressed. Good sound, great features, amazing value.

Web: Pamu Slide – est $99 AUD