No jokes, people are rushing out and buying all the toilet paper they can find, and stores are running out. Why – I have no idea.

No jokes, Kogan have a product to suit those looking for hygiene in a world where toilet paper is in short supply.

When I went out to the shops last night to see if this Toilet Paper supply shortage was real – I was blown away:[0]=68.ARCdxtaC3WF7xhbjQy6kwMCtBosiAHWNwmPqWJkizUkOxCigOpkrsHGeN8Rfv5b-s51ej74iV71zfgwbnir7-tyPct1D-aMssNBUc40joHt4f2AJDSUJ-gQfNzE5VKH1Pqj-0-z8oLl0X1_kGJ1cYWJ-5l4c-ycvpjov6-ol5psoPxewVe23-Z1Cj9DmiRAEHSFaEA4h0hdSeRBS92JFscx9qCzdIrUh4coFrQm4xCbcri-_KkDSaV-W9V0aaCkxfsJsc-1DRYOXTR-HWnyZob6hiEEIltjPaPVHjkEBNLoxoVSr5tqhtMChL2zJToDKU-HDvp-fXbI8mNo67x7IvTsLNw&__tn__=-R

Of all the responses, it was this one that stood out:

Turns out, Ruslan Kogan agrees.

Posting on Facebook this deal:

And I first thought it was a photoshop gee up.

Nope, legit product on – yes, you can buy a smart toilet seat with Bidet, and seat warmer:)

As an Aussie without much culture, I’ve got to say – I don’t get it. I’ve travelled a lot – and yep, I’ve tried it – but in my view, you still need some loo paper around. Perhaps you just don’t need as much?

So there you have it, the first product with a “Buttock wash” we’ve covered here at