I’ve been podcasting for a very very long time, and aside from a few new apps for people to access the content, not too much has changed about it.

Until today. This may not seem revolutionary, but the idea is simple, and an utter gamechanger in Audio content.

Announced today to ensure educational institutions can take advantage of this as the global crisis sees more students working remotely, Aussie company Whooshkaa has created “Private Feeds” – a podcast that doesn’t need to be in the App Store.

Whooshkaa boss Rob Loewenthal said “We created this as an internal communications tool to inform and engage employees – particularly those working remotely,”

“But we can see it has enormous potential to support students and schools through this period of global upheaval. The WHO says academic podcasts are a key plank in continuity of learning plans. With this in mind, Whooshkaa will set up free Professional private podcast packages for schools from kindergarten to year 12, across Australia and right around the world.”

Have a think for a moment about what a podcast is. It’s a subscription to a “feed” which delivers audio files directly to your phone whenever they are released.

To listen, potential audiences need to search the Podcast library of any of the podcast apps for your show. The show is available to anyone in the world who can download and listen to all the content you make.

But what it actually is – is a text file. A file that tells anyone reading it where to find the audio files you’re making.

What Whooshkaa has created is a unique text file for every listener. No need to search the App Store, every single listener to the private feed is emailed a link to subscribe.

They can open that link in any podcast app and it’s done.

“Our business is podcasting,” said Loewenthal, “We could see that leaders in business, research and many other professions wanted a way to update, engage and unite their teams – whether they’re at a city desk, driving across a desert or in an airport lounge.

“One thing everyone has is a mobile phone. People may not have time to read emails, but they can listen to a spoken update on-the-go.” 

“There’s nothing like audio to engage and inform,” he said. “We have to leverage that information channel.”

What I love most about this is that it’s been announced as a great way for schools to create educational content for students who can listen on their own normal devices.

So simple.

But now think outside the current crisis. As a podcaster, this gives me the chance to offer unique content to an exclusive group. They might be Patreon supporters, or loyal fans, whoever they are, you can set a single episode to be PRIVATE only.

The surface has barely been scratched, but I love what’s happening here.

And kudos to Whooshkaa for teaming up with Rode who are giving away that $2million loot of podcasting gear to NSW High Schools – this is the perfect combination!