Oh, this is fun. Samsung has launched a nationwide scavenger hunt called Microcodes.

There are “hundreds of thousands” of dollars worth of phones to win and it’s all based around Samsung Galaxy S20 advertising.

Playing on the crazy 100x Zoom on the S20 Ultra, Samsung has embedded a small code into every single ad they are running online and in outdoor billboards from today.

Each code wins a Galaxy S20 Ultra, but the catch is you have to be the first one to find the code and redeem it.

They are very small codes, not ridiculously small, but small enough to make you want for the 100x Zoom of the S20 Ultra.

You will literally find codes in their ads on Facebook, Instagram, Online Banner Ads, Cinema Ads and a heap of their outdoor ads – all you’ve got to do is spot it, and claim it first!

If you find one, you have to go to Samsung’s website and claim it to win! www.samsung.com/au/microcodes/ 

Garry McGregor from Samsung Australia says “Microcodes is our most exciting consumer campaign and a first for Samsung Australia. The concept is clever, fun and speaks to one of our most standout camera features, the 100x Space Zoom. To date, Galaxy S20 Ultras have been reviewed by Australian journalists around the country with the highest of praise for its camera, performance and overall experience.

For such a coveted device, we expect the Microcodes campaign will be hugely popular and we wish all Australians the best of luck.”

Oh, and according to the T&C’s you have to be over 18 to play!

Remember, Only the first person to enter each code will win a Galaxy S20 Ultra.