Look, I think we can all agree that one of the most frustrating things to have to do in terms of life-admin is to sit around waiting for a technician or delivery to come to your home in that 5 or 7-hour window they gave you when you made the booking!

Frustration be gone!

Foxtel has introduced a new “uber like” system for tracking their technicians heading to your home.

We can’t think of another service and installation company that offers such a feature!

Basically, what Foxtel call “Where’s My Tech?” is a feature for any Foxtel customer who has an installation or service call-out to find out an ETA for their visit, and basically keep you informed!

You’ll get a text message with a link that when you click it will show you your Technician’s name, as well as how many other appointments he or she might have on their way to you!

When you’re next in the queue – you get a live tracker – so you can see them on a map as they get ready to visit you, so you can duck home from work in time!

Brilliant stuff. Now that’s progress:)