If you’re like me and many others you’ve been spending a whole lot more time browsing online stores in the last weeks – and you might stumble across things you’ve never realised – like: Bunnings sells TVs online.

In fact, they sell a huge range of things online-only, and it’s not even Bunnings who will fulfill the order.

Bunnings launched Marketlink late last year, it’s very similar to what Kogan launched, what eBay does and what Amazon has made a massive business out of – Marketplace sales.

What this means is that companies that have the stock, warehousing and delivery capabilities can list their items on the Bunnings website.

Bunnings differentiates the items very clearly with the Purple colour, and there is a huge range of retailers involved, including online store Catch.com.au.

So basically, Bunnings gets a cut from these sales, they make money by doing next to nothing other than opening their website to other businesses.

No stock required, just traffic, and Bunnings have that online in spades – probably in wheelbarrow loads in recent weeks.

So there you go! Simple really!

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