You’re thinking nah, who cares – the time is right on my phone and my computer, I don’t need to worry about the rest of them.

Wrong. You’ll stuff up and be really early to something if you don’t fix all those clocks in your life.

So, apart from the amazingly smart computer and smartphone in your life – what are some of the clocks you need to go and change. Just take 30 minutes of your isolated little life and change them now!

Don’t try and be a hero waiting until they are all “correct again” in October.

Car Clock

When you jump in the car (as rare as that is these days) to head to a job, or pickup something from the shops – don’t freak out and think the shops are closed -no, the clock is wrong.

In most cars you just tap the time on the screen that will take you to the clock settings. In others, you’ll need to dig into the settings to find it.

But do it – this is the one that will drive you mad


Anyone know how to do this? You need a degree of some sort. So, to be honest, I’ll let this one slide – in reality it’s going to blink zeros at you again soon after the next blackout anyway


Ditto – see Microwave, not sure this one really matters does it?

Clock Radio

You’ve still got a clock radio? Legend. Well, flick that one back and hour buddy – or your whole day gets off to the wrong start.


If you’re like me and still prefer an analogue watch – there’s some clicking and winding to be done. Not the end of the world, but, something to pass some time for sure.


Your TV should get it’s time from the TV signal, but if you haven’t watched Free to Air TV for a while, flick over, just check – press the GUIDE and check that things are still on track.

Wall Clock

Kitchen? Lounge Room? Dining Room? There’s one somewhere, and you know if you don’t change it she’s going to nag you about it – I mean, the kids are going to get confused.

There you go, a nice little task to start the week.