Yes, yes it is. The guidelines and rules our governments have put in place within our states and across the country are there to help Stop the Spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

If we keep apart, the thing can’t spread. Simple.

But are those guidelines working?

More importantly – are people paying attention?

Well new data from Google says yes, yes we are.

Google knows a lot about where we are – we’re carrying our smartphones with us everywhere, and they probably have Google services on them or Google Maps. This helps Google give you a better service in terms of traffic advice, time to leave and general local info.

This week Google has pulled together a whole bunch of data – anonymised so they aren’t tracking YOU and it’s only for people who have Location History turned on. But it’s still a big sample size.

Right across Australia, looking at data from back in early February the trend is overwhelmingly in favour of following the advice of our government.

Here’s the data Nationally:

Have a look at that spike in visits to Grocery stores as the hype of Toilet Paper hording picked up, but fortunately it’s moved now well below the baseline.

The Work from home effect is noticeable in both the workplace attendance graph which has seen a complete upheaval in it’s very regular pattern, as well as the increase in our time at home.

State by state the numbers as similar, with all their own individual quirks.

Fascinating data – well done Australia – now bloody well STAY HOME.




Western Australia

South Australia


Northern Territory