This is one epic smartphone, but I’ll get to all the features shortly. First up, the elephant in the room – Coronavirus. High temperatures being a symptom, plenty of screening points are using Thermal Imaging.

I’m not suggesting this device can be used for COVID-19 screening, but perhaps a quick check of the worksite will show who’s carrying a temp and should be taking the day off work or getting a checkup?

Worksite being the key term there, this is a workman’s phone. At $1,399 it has features you won’t find in any other phone though, which is what makes it so impressive.

Let’s talk thermal imaging. A FLIR camera ain’t cheap – so to have that on a smartphone you’ve got in your pocket is crazy.

Tradies can use this for all sorts of diagnostics on the job – or – taking photos of their kids:

While a photo of the EFTM Lounge room might look weird, it shows the hot spots which might help diagnose issues.

On the device itself you can swipe on a FLIR image to see the actual photo to better understand.

There are also different thermal imaging outputs, you can choose whatever style you need:

A real tradie’s game-changer I reckon, especially because it’s also quite rugged.

How Rugged? Cat have a 2 year warranty with screen guarantee – if your screen breaks accidentally in warranty, they’ll fix it.

If you’re working indoors, painting, or as a tradie, there’s an air quality monitor as well – so you can be alerted if it’s time to take a break or clear the air – literally.

Plus, down the bottom of the device around the back is a small laser – yep, a laser. Built-in so you can establish depth and calculate distances.

Great for DIY or tradies, even assessors or real estate agents.

The 4500mAh battery means it’s going to last all day, you can even power your mates phone if plugged in.

On the left side is an orange button – completely programmable – set one app for short press, one app for long press – simple and I bloody love it.

A 5.2 inch screen, 16MP rear camera and it’s even got a headphone jack.

IP68 rated, Waterproof up to 3m for 60 minutes, as well as being Sand, dust and dirt resistant.

Now it is a big unit, 13mm thick, and 250g in weight – but it really doesn’t FEEL that way, it’s a really well edged and designed product.

Niche market for sure, but boy, an all-in-one for the working Tradie.

Web: Cat & Harvey Norman