I’m not a scientist, nor am I someone with the equipment to test the actual performance of an air purifier, however, I’ve set a few up, and can judge how well this one works and how good it might be in terms of value for money.

You can pay big big bucks for an air purifier, and there are likely some good reasons to do that. Some of them act as fans to circulate air and keep you cool, some though, are just a box – purifying the air.

That’s the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro.

It’s a big box too.

Xiaomi claim the “True HEPA Filter” eliminates 99.97% of particles up to 0.3 microns in size, and the Carbon Filter removes formaldehyde, odours and toxic substances. As I say, I can’t test that, but I take them at their word.

This was the simplest setup, plug, play power done.

On the front is a really nice circular screen which has a green ring around it if things are good, orange for a worry, red for bad.

And it constantly displays the air quality based on the PPM count.

They say it will clean an area of about 60 square meters, but I’ve had it sitting in one of the kids bedrooms.

It’s super quiet, other than the screen you wouldn’t know it’s on.

While big, I like the look of it.

At $399.95, this thing is a great price, and perfect for anyone who suffers from airborne allergies – Air Purification is now simple, easy and affordable.

Inside it has a Laser particle sensor, Light sensor, Temperature and humidity sensor, so you can see at a glance on the device, or app, what the situation is in that area.

There’s an app too, though frankly, other than turning it on and off, I didn’t need or use it. It has no historic air quality data in a graph or similar form, so that was a touch disappointing.

Oh, and because you’re buying online, be sure to choose the correct shipping rate – you, ahh… don’t wanna get caught out there:) #Free

Web: Mi Store