According to SafeWill, 9.9 million Australian adults don’t have a valid will. In the current circumstance that statistic is a little concerning. We’ve all got some spare time at the moment, so why not create a legally binding will online right now?

One of the easier ways to do it is with SafeWill, an Aussie startup based out of Sydney, run by Adam Lubofsky. Adam created SafeWill and launched it online late last year after the unexpected death of a close friend. Unfortunately that friend didn’t have a will in place, and it brought up the mostly taboo subject of Wills, which led to the realisation that very few members of his friendship circle had a will in place.

The SafeWill platform was developed with three main concepts in mind, to make it easier to confront this process from the comfort of a persons own home, make it a significantly lower cost than visiting a solicitor and present the process in a fresh and modern way without the stigma that has traditionally surrounded what is a really important document.

The process is really simple, with the process, which includes a guided questionnaire, taking most users 20 minutes to finish. They’ve got an online support team who can chat with you, or you can call them on a 1800 number during business hours – all of this making it easy to do while you’re in the office, sitting on the couch, or anywhere you can get online and your completely legal will can be generated and sent out within 24 – 48 hours.

Adam says that SafeWill has seen a 300% increase in Aussies signing up to create or update their will during the COVID-19 period. The social distancing has definitely made more people realise the need for a will, with Adam noting ‘we’ve also had a number of customers reach out to say that they are grateful to have a service like ours in a time like this, as most people cannot actually leave their house to see a lawyer but realise how critical it is to get their affairs in order‘.

The cost is significantly less than the $1,000 or so you’ll spend with a lawyer, a will for an individual costing $190, while it costs just $285 for couples. SafeWill also offer an optional annual subscription for $15, which allows customers to update their Will an unlimited number of times every year if their circumstances change.

If the unfortunate does occur, you probably have some ideas of what you want to happen to you, your kids, or property after you go, having a legal will in place will ensure your wishes are carried out – it also makes the legal stuff easier for your loved ones.

You can head over and start creating your legally binding online will at