Look, you might think a portable battery is a portable battery right?


Before you buy a portable battery to keep you going ask yourself these questions. Does it have a digital display of it’s remaining capacity?

Does it have wireless charging?

Does it come with a cable – for ANY smartphone?

Tick, Tick, Tick – that’s the Laser 10,000mAh Wireless Powerbank.

Well the actual product name is “LASER 10000MAH WIRELESS POWER BANK WITH 3-IN-1 CABLE AND LED DISPLAY” – and there’s no missing the features there.

Buy online now for $69.95.

Enough said really.

It’s a great unit, not at all heavy in fact, and I for one love using it as an at-desk wireless charger. My main charger is by the bedside, so this means I can keep charging without really any effort.

And, that three in one cable? It charges all three devices at one time if you like. Or, its ready for whoever’s plugging in.

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