Honestly, if you’re still buying printer cartridges I can’t help you. You’re not listening.

Since the first Epson EcoTank I tested, I’ve been a convert to the idea of using bottles of ink to fill a printer, not replacing whole cartridges.

I still have the Epson, have only filled it once in about four years. Canon’s version is called “Endurance” and I’ve been testing the G6065 version.

I can’t speak to it’s actual endurance, it’s only a short term loan, but, the concept is strong, and I have no reason to disbelieve the claims of 18,000 pages in black or 7,700 pages in colour being possible from the set of inks included when you buy this.

You’re paying $599 for a printer. I know there are cheaper ones out there, but think about the two to three year value of that investment.

Worried what it will cost to refill the ink? $100. Around that fills every single colour tank up again from empty.

Now you might find a printer for $50 out there. But you’re going to be buying $30 cartridges over and over and over again.

Convenience alone, let alone value make these printers a winner.

Outside of that, the Pixma G6065 is a great scanner, though it does not have an Auto-feeder, so you are scanning one page at a time with documents.

And will copy too – again, one page at a time.

WiFi setup was a breeze, and wireless printing works with ease on both iPhone and Android devices.

My only real complaint? It keeps turning off. I go to print, printer error, gotta hit the power button on the printer. A pain, and I couldn’t see any setting to change that.

Oh well, it is “eco” so I guess that’s a smart feature.

Great printer, excellent quality, and an all rounder with copy and scan capabilities.

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