Rev heads know there’s something special about a Ducati. Nerds know Lenovo make great laptops – so put them together and you’ve got a special laptop.

Ducati isn’t new to tech collaborations, I can remember one of the very first gadgets I reviewed on radio was the Ducati SanDisk USB drive.

Fast forward to 2020 and Lenovo’s Ducati 5 would suit the power and performance hungry user.

Lenovo are partners with the Ducati race team, with branding on their MotoGP bikes, and now for the first time Lenovo are returning the deal with a Ducati branded Lenovo laptop.

The design has wrap-around racing stripes, and a carry sleeve with a Ducati Shield.

Lenovo Devices Group’s Vice President of Design, Brian Leonard said “It has been an honour to co-create something together, something new and premium that people can’t wait to get their hands on as they roll out to market. Even now, people ask me if I can save them one. Much of the deep emotional connection that customers feel as they consider the new Lenovo Ducati 5 was purposeful.”

It’s a 14 inch Laptop, with a 10th generation Intel Core processor, and a Full HD Display and Dolby Audio.

Starting at $1,999, the unique PC is now available to purchase at:

Looks the goods, be a nice bit of kit to open up at your next meeting or at the park or cafe doing some remote work.