You can’t imagine what it’s like in the meeting rooms at companies like Samsung right now – amidst the strangest times for society, they’ve still got a business to run. People’s TVs will still need upgrading, and they are just at that critical time of year when stock of last year’s models run out.

So, they soldier on. Samsung Australia have announced the Australian launch of their QLED and Lifestyle TV range, ready to hit Aussie retailers and take advantage of the delivery teams that are still operating to get these big items direct to our homes.

Unfortunately, the real headline act for 2020 is yet to come, Samsung’s Q950T is one hell of a stunning TV – almost borderless it really does blend into its surroundings. We’ll have to wait a little while longer for the price and availability of that and the other QLED 8K TVs from Samsung in 2020.

Their entire 4K range though, good to go.

Critically, this year is all about smarts and size.

So many options for TVs at 75 Inches ore more – in fact thirteen individual models out of the 34 on offer are 75 or higher. Crazy, but good – real good as Hass Mahdi from Samsung explains “Australians continue to demand bigger and better entertainment experiences from the comfort of their homes which is why we’re launching our widest range of TVs that feature the best in immersive visual and audio innovation,”

“Along with breaking new ground in QLED 8K and 4K TV innovation, Samsung is also offering more options in design across our lifestyle TV range with new additions to our iconic offerings in The Frame, as well as The Serif, which seeks to transform the traditional role of the TV in the home.”

In many models there are enhanced sound features with object tracking sound which uses in-screen technology to emit the sound from different areas to match the picture.

You’ve got the option to multi-task by sharing your mobile screen onto the TV in a picture-in-picture style format, while the entire range is smarter than ever with Google Assistant and Alexa available alongside Bixby.

Some, but not all (from the Q70T series up) also get the new ambient mode, which allows you to search by voice, choosing music and video or a daily routine for ambient mode to match your mood.

The Frame series of lifestyle TVs continue and expand, from 32 inches right up to 75 inches this year, while the Serif TV will be available in 43 and 55 inch models.

“As the lifestyles, viewing habits, and home entertainment demands of Australians evolve, so too do the features and technology across our Samsung TV lineup, from the latest big-screen experiences and audio immersion of our new 8K and 4K QLED TVs, to the seamless integration into our homes of our innovative lifestyle TV range, with The Frame, The Serif, and The Sero,” said Mahdi.

Here are all the models, and all the prices for the 2020 Samsung TV range:



  • 85-inch $TBC
  • 75-inch $TBC
  • 65-inch $TBC


  • 82-inch $TBC
  • 75-inch $TBC
  • 65-inch $TBC
  • 55-inch $TBC



  • 75-inch $6,999
  • 65-inch $4,649
  • 55-inch $3,499


  • 85-inch $7,549
  • 75-inch $5,249
  • 65-inch $3,499
  • 55-inch $2,549


  • 85-inch $6,399
  • 75-inch $4,049
  • 65-inch $2,699
  • 55-inch $2,099


  • 75-inch $3,349
  • 65-inch $2,199
  • 55-inch $1,729


The Frame

  • 75-inch $4,649
  • 65-inch $3,149
  • 55-inch $2,299
  • 50-inch $1,949
  • 43-inch $1,599
  • 32-inch $919

The Serif

  • 55-inch $2,099
  • 43-inch $1,499

Crystal UHD


  • 82-inch $3,939
  • 75-inch $2,589
  • 65-inch $1,699
  • 55-inch $1,369
  • 50-inch $1,129
  • 43-inch $1,019