At $199 and $299 the Sennheiser HD350BT and HD450BT are batting way above their averages.

Keeping it real simple, these are two sets of headphones that look similar, sound similar but have one key difference – Active Noise Cancelling.

The HD450BT have noise cancelling, the HD350BT’s don’t.

Now, given we’re all stuck at home and there ain’t many people travelling right now, the market for the HD450BT’s has dried up a whack.

But even in the alternate “normal” world, I’d recommend the HD350BT’s here every time.

They are $199 and offer a really clear crisp sound.

As “on ear” headphones they press onto your ear with a level of comfort not seen in many headphones of that price, and the sound blockage just from the headphones themselves is pretty good.

Flicking between both pairs time and time again in the same few songs, I found the 450’s offered a slightly better performance in terms of the fullness of the sound, but if I was blind tested a few hours after doing my own review – I’m not sure I’d pick it.

You’ll pick it on a plane, or in an environment where background noise is continuous and is drone-like, but don’t be thinking noise cancelling headphones will block the kids out.

The real winner here is anyone who buys these, because you’re getting Sennheiser level audio, at a non-Sennheiser pricetag.

They feel good on the head, they sound good, and the 30 hours of playtime is remarkable.

Both have a dedicated voice-assistant button on the side also, which makes using Google etc a breeze.

Love them, well worth a look if “on ear” is your style.