Next time the wife sends you to Woolies to scope out the toilet paper isle, pop into the toiletries area and you’ll see two new options in the Nivea Men Deep range.

We’ve had a spray and sniff here in the office, and while they didn’t transport me to the Amazon or make me want a coffee, they are a nice simple fragrance worth a look.

If you’re like me, you’ve been using the same deodorant brand for years – so while you’re stuck at home and only the family can complain, why not try something new.

Standard offering, “48 hour antiperspirant” (who the hell isn’t showering for 48 hours?), these use Black Carbon which targets bacteria but leaves no residue on the skin.

Amazonia is the best of the two in my opinion, more subtle and with what Nivea call a “Zesty citrus and ginger aroma”, while Espresso was a bit more abrupt, with “woody dark chocolate notes” – I don’t like Dark Chocolate so that makes sense.

You’ll find them at Pharmacies and Woolies across Australia in spray or roll on options.