We’re all doing a lot more online these days, and the transition isn’t always smooth. To make it easier to get online, and stay online, Telstra has launched an update for their Telstra 24×7 app, launching the new ‘My Telstra’ app for iOS and Android.

The app aims to give you easy access to all Telstra services, letting you view information about, or order Telstra services, check your bills and make payments on the go.

You can even book an appointment at a Telstra store – maybe not right now. Telstra will let you do a lot of administration through the app, but it’s functional too giving you access to tech support articles for devices and slow internet – and also letting you know about outages in the area.

The app, in theory becomes a one-stop shop for Telstra customers, will give them answers without resorting to calling their call centres, which, like all call centres at the moment, are experiencing heavy demand.

For existing users of the Telstra 24×7 app you don’t have to do anything. Telstra will be rolling the update out to phones over the next two months – or you can grab it from Google Play or the iOS app store now.