We all have an opportunity before us that I know in the LifeStyler’s case has never presented itself before. That opportunity is some extra time!

If we cannot go out and we potentially do not have to commute, we have some more time at home to do some stuff!

My mother in law described the use of this time as a test of character. Let me explain, we can break the rules, we can do something constructive, we can help others and we can do something for ourselves.

Break the rules – several irresponsible people decided to still go away for Easter. A mate of mine lives in the fire raged area of the NSW south coast, which is predominately holiday homes. Last weekend he saw many ACT plated cars and houses occupied for the weekend. Another accused justified his travel by saying it was his right and as some of his mates did – so it was OK. This category is just morons and simply want to endanger lives.

We can do something constructive – Bunnings thank you and maybe the wife will too! This is about doing those jobs around the house that you never get around too. I bet everyone will be very pleased with the result. Another perspective here is the LifeStyler has been working on some internet ideas that will make him rich one day or at least, that is the plan!

We can help others. It amazes me how friendly people are in the street when I pass them on my walks. From our safe 2m distance, we exchange pleasantries and move on. Many however are confined to the house like my elderly parents in another state with no family close by. However, neighbors they hardly know offer their services to help with shopping etc. have approached them.

We can do something for ourselves. This is all of the above but also the one, which will help us mentally, get through the next nine odd months. For me, I had never watched Game of Thrones and always wanted to. At 76 episodes of just under an hour, this is a big undertaking but we all have to make sacrifices. Maybe it is improving your gaming skills or building a smart home. It is also time to plan for the future like a holiday, a new car or even writing a list of those restaurants you want to visit.

There is no question our characters will be questioned, and so will our sanity but remember this is an opportunity, not time to dwell in self-pity. Go write yourself a bucket/job/movie/dream list! Cheers!