Fifteen Grand. Yep, $14,999 – that’s a lot of money for a TV – or is it? Seriously, this is a TV, not a projector, not some combo job, a legit 100 inch LCD screen and Hisense are bringing one to Australia with that price tag.

The reason? Go Bigger. That’s their sales pitch for 2020 and beyond, and they know that’s what people want. Heck, I just installed an 85 inch Hisense TV at home and this has got me thinking – “would a 100 inch fit there?”. Oh mumma.

But that’s just the headline act, it will sell, don’t question that – but it’s not the big seller.

Underneath it are TVs from $899 upward making up the entire 2020 range.

For simplicity, Hisense in 2002 have two “ranges” – the S8 and the Q8.

Q8 is the top of the line premium ULED TV range, coming in 55, 65, 75 and 85 inch sizes.

They range from $1,799 to $5,499 and will be available from mid-May.

The Q8 range features the best of the best from Hisense, their latest operating system VIDAA 4.0, Quantum Dot colour, Alexa and Google and more.

Q8 Series

For a lower price, ranging from $899 for the 43 inch up to $3,699 for the 85 inch is the S8 series.

These miss the latest OS, but VIDAA 3.0 is excellent, it still supports HDR – though different versions depending on the size, but it has a lower refresh rate (100 “Smooth Motion Rate”) – half that of the Q8 series.

S8 Series

Interestingly, the mega 100 incher in the S8 series has a 200 Smooth Motion Rate, so could be a surprise packet in terms of quality.

These prices are all Hisense Recommended Retail prices, so expect some competition from day 1 in the retail stores, though perhaps in the current climate not quite as aggressive as years gone by. We shall see.

Q8 Series TV Stand

All that, and there’s still more to come later in the year as we await Hisense’s Dual-Cell ULED TVs which should be their best yet.