Google has announced that they’ve delayed the planned launch of the Android 11 Beta on June 3rd.

Google had been planning to announce the beta release of Android 11 on June 3rd, with an hour long keynote followed by developer sessions, all of which would be streamed over the web. The Android Developers Twitter account announced the change in plans, noting that ‘now is not the time to celebrate’.

Whether the delay is related to the COVID-19 pandemic, or the protests currently taking place in cities around the US isn’t clear – but either way, the launch is delayed.

Google’s Android Beta show will continue, though a new date has yet to be announced. The list of talks Google will stream – when it does eventually take place – will include:

  1. What’s new in Android
  2. What’s new in System UI
  3. All things privacy in Android 11
  4. Storage access with Android 11
  5. State of Kotlin on Android
  6. Get Composed
  7. What’s new in Android Jetpack
  8. What’s new in Android Development Tools
  9. What’s new in Design Tools
  10. What’s new in Google Play
  11. What’s new in Play Commerce
  12. Screens – large, small and foldable

Google originally planned to launch the Beta at Google I/O though after it was cancelled due to the spread of Coronavirus, they also advised the launch would be pushed back. Google appears to still be looking to launch the Beta in June, with their updated Android 11 Dev Preview launch timeline looking like this:

We’ll be right on it when Google announces the new date for the launch of the Android 11 Beta, so stay tuned.