Having a herb and vegetable garden is a dream for many men, but whether it’s a lack of space or a lack of skill, many don’t bother. The Green Wheel concept could change that by bringing an awesome high-tech rotating herb garden into the home.

The halo-shaped hydroponic garden features a still outer housing encasing a motorised mesh, which rotates slowly around the central full spectrum LED lamp, roughly once every hour. Herbs and vegies are planted within the inside surface of the inner ring in individual vases, allowing the herbs to flourish.

A water reservoir at the bottom of the device would see each plant’s roots pass through very cycle, giving it plenty of nutrients to grow. And because of the circular nature of the device, there’s a minimum of space and lighting required for the plants to succeed, as opposed to traditional hydroponic solutions.

It’s an amazing looking concept, and the designers are looking to build a prototype with a view to a commercial release. Until that day, you’re stuck with the traditional back breaking vegie garden growing techniques…

Web: Design Libero
Via: GizMag