As someone who is still rocking the iPhone SE I can tell you it’s a cracking good phone. At $749 I really struggle to see how you can “need” anything more if you’re in the iPhone ecosystem. But there are some things you can get that will make owning it even better.

Now, if you want a Wide Angle or 2x Telephoto Zoom this list won’t help (more on that later), but in day to day use there’s some great ideas here from our mates at Belkin:

Fast Charging!

This is one of the little known secrets of the accessories world – you can charge your phone faster by using a faster charger than the one that comes in the box. In the case of the iPhone SE, you get a 5Watt charger in the box.

Up your game to 18W and that phone is going to hit 100% MUCH faster.

This charger from Belkin has a USB connection, buy it with a USB-C to lightning cable and your phone is sucking in the juice!

Web: Belkin & Kogan

Portable Power:

In all truth the iPhone SE is great on battery, but it’s not as great as the iPhone 11 for example. So as we start to head back out into the big wide world again, might be worth grabbing a powerbank.

Now, here’s what’s cool about this one – the cable you use to charge the powerbank battery is the same as the one you can use to charge your phone. It’s uses a Lightning cable! Brilliant.

Web: Belkin & Officeworks

Bedside or Desk Charging

I couldn’t live without my bedside Belkin wireless charger. Come to bed, put the phone down and it’s charging. No fumbling around for cables in the dark risking divorce by waking my wife..

A must for any new smartphone owner frankly!

Web: Belkin

3.5 mm headphones plus charging at the same time

If you’re addicted to your awesome headphones and gutted by the now very old but still “courageous” decision by Apple to get ride of the headphone jack, this adapter allows you to charge your phone while also listening to music. Simple.

Web: Belkin & JB HiFi

New Headphones to suit!

An even better option, are new headphones, lightning connected they get great quality digital signal from the lightning port and provide a great in-ear listening experience.

Web: Belkin & Kogan