If you’ve got kids who have learned to drive you probably remember the first time you sat in the passenger seat while they took the wheel. How frightening is that? What on earth do they know??

As the father of a 13 year old I can tell you I’m not looking forward to it. I mean, we don’t want to crash right? And is learning the rules from a book enough to make it sink in?

Enter MyDriveSchool – an Aussie program made to give kids an experience behind the wheel, learning basic rules and controls.

The program is run by Lisa Skaife – a name you will recognise because the Skaife name is synonymous for motorsport in Australia, Lisa’s brother Mark is one of our greatest drivers, but it’s Lisa’s passion for keeping us safe on the roads that led to her setting up this program.

Lisa’s team can bring the programs to schools or community groups where kids can all sit in a room and give the learn to drive course a crack.

But – if you’ve got a wheel and pedals attached to a PC, this is something you can do at home.

I set it up at the EFTM office, using the Logitech G29 Wheel and Pedals.

$66 later paid online by paypal and within minutes I’ve unlocked the Pre Learner program which features 18 different courses over three modules.

It’s simple stuff, but don’t think you’ll pass it first go – it’s a challenge.

The graphics aren’t out of this world, but they are more than realistic enough to simulate a driving school experience.

You’ve got everything from Slalom to Roundabouts and Traffic lights.

My son struggled on step one – coming to a stop at a Stop sign after driving 40km an hour.

Having driven hundreds of km an hour in simulations of Formula One, this was a very different experience.

I loved it, a really great way to get a glimse into things on the road, before hitting the road.

As an individual, if you’ve got a Wheel and Pedals at home – it’s $66 worth your while. Given it’s only a simple course at the moment, it’s probably not worth investing in pedals and a wheel for.

There’s more to come too – if Lisa can get more funding for MyDriveSchool in the months ahead, she’s going to release additional modules that cover driving drunk, texting and driving, and such things. All the more important with what’s happening on our roads.

We need more driver training, not less. This is a great start, and should make you consider the whole driver training experience for your kids – you alone can’t teach them.

Check it out online at mydriveschool.com

Web: My Drive School