Anyone with an Apple Store near them would have noticed that Apple made the decision to close it’s retail stores in Australia during March amid the global COVID-19 Pandemic.

The closures protected both Apple Retail staff, and customers from the spread of COVID-19 in the community, plus, let’s be honest, traffic in shopping centres has been down dramatically which itself was not a good thing for business.

However, as Australia moves to the other side of the “curve”, it looks like we’re about to see a retail switch on as Apple begins planning to re-open retail stores in Australia.

CEO Tim Cook told Bloomberg ahead of today’s company earnings call “going to look at the data and make a decision city by city, county by county, depending on the circumstances in that particular place.”

In that, he went on to confirm that Australian retail stores will re-open in the next one to two weeks, while US stores will stay closed for the most part.

We do not have a confirmed date at this stage, but if you’re like me and have a Mac computer you need Genius attention on – you’ll be hanging by your keyboard for the opening dates.