The EFTM Garage is currently host to a rather tidy Volkswagen Tiguan 110TSI Trendline. The Trendline is the price leader in the range and, unfortunately, there is evidence of cost-cutting.

Last year, Volkswagen pumped out their five millionth Tiguan – it’s a good seller – so that’s a lot of tyres to buy. 

The bean counter’s scalpel has been directed in this area and Volkswagen’s Trendline now rolls on Korean Hankook’s (made in Hungary) rather than the traditional German-made Continental tyre. This is a shame, as in the wet, you can notice the difference.

In fact, the sporty Continental PremiumContact 6 was recently awarded the winner of the 2020 Wheels Tyre Test. Our friends over at Wheels loved the PremiumContact 6. The PremiumContact 6 doesn’t come in a size to suit the Trendline yet, but there are sizes to suit the more upmarket Tiguans. 

I guess if you are buying tens of millions of tyres, a few cents here and there really does add up.