They’re back with a boom – an audio boom of course. After months of announcements relating to software, compatibility, and other such things, Sonos is back focusing on their product road-map with three new products announced today, available June 10.

The big story of the three is the Sonos Arc soundbar, so I’ll come to that in a moment.


A new updated “Five” also launches in June, which replaces the “Play 5” or “ZonePlayer S5” depending on how far back your Sonos knowledge goes.

These speakers are big enough to sit alone and fill a room, or pair two or more for a whole next level of sound.

The sound system is the same, top-notch premium stuff as Sonos is known for, but inside the Five is more memory, faster processing power and that all makes it part of the new generation Sonos, compatible with their next generation software platform.

Sonos Five will retail for $749.

Sub (Gen 3)

Additionally, an updated Sub-Woofer is coming too. The tweaks here are minimal, only the purest of pure Sonos fans would notice – but again, it’s built to last with compatibility with what Sonos refer to as their “Modern Platform”.

Importantly, both generations of the Sub that come before this ARE compatible with the S2 generation Sonos app – so there’s no reason to rush out and replace what you have if you have a Sonos Sub.

Adding a Sonos Sub to your system will set you back $999.

Sonos Arc – The soundbar

Like the Sub, no existing Sonos sounbar will be rendered incompatible with the next generation S2 Sonos app, however strap yourself in, because the Sonos Arc is really lifting the game.

Previous soundbars have been three channel (3.0) – left, right and centre.

The Sonos Arc is 5.0.2 out of the box. The single soundbar has transducers all over the place firing in every which direction to produce a surround sound experience.

The 0.0.2 part – Dolby Atmos. Yep, upward firing to give you the sound bouncing from above you.

Critically, the smarts of a Sonos system mean if you were to use Sonos One or Sonos Five devices as your rear speakers, the system will wind back the simulated surround from the Arc and give you a different tuning to take advantage of all the power of the Arc, combined with your choice of rears.

And of course, add the Sonos Sub, and you’ve got 5.1.2.

The Sonos Arc looks stunning, it’s a whole new look for Sonos carrying on the style cues of the One.

All three products are available for pre-order, but go on sale June 10.

The Sonos Arc will set you back $1,399.