How on earth does one justify spending $699 on headphones? You’ve really got to enjoy music, or want to block out distractions – that’s how.

And even then, there are some cracking options from Bose and Sony to consider.

I feel like it’s the same way some people will justify the cost of an Audi over and above a Volkswagen, both great cars, but there’s something about being in a unique club, and wearing/owning a brand that matters.

These Denon GC-30’s feel like that.

The good news is, you’ll never have to pay that price. But remember, that’s the value on offer. In fact, the real issue here is I’ve found it hard to find these to buy. A search brings up only an Amazon store with a sub-$300 price tag.

Frankly, at that price – snap, them, up.

These are comfortable as all get-up. Something about the way they’ve designed that over head arch that keeps the ear cups from pushing hard on your head. That plus the plush soft cups themselves.

Then press play, and it’s majestic. Really crisp sound, not an overpowering bass, but a good all-round range. These are top quality.

Noise Cancelling comes in three flavours, Commute, Office and Flight, just to tweak what is is you need and how they work. Plus, there is a passthrough option at the press of a button.

Perhaps most impressively, the 20 hour battery had me blown away, no need for a charge here, they just keep going.

All up, super impressive – Perhaps alongside Bose and Sony at a retailer many would be less aware of the brand and thus drawn to the brands they know, but trust me – Denon know audio, this is epic value, snap them up if you can at the sub $300 price point on offer.