Make: Skoda

Model: Kodiaq

Variant: RS

Engine / Transmission: 2.0 litre diesel – 7 Speed DSG automatic

Manufacturer Claimed Fuel Economy: 6.4L/100km combined 

Price: From $71990 drive away

First Impressions:

I really appreciate Skoda’s quirky Euro vibe. It is a brand that is unashamedly Continental – kinda like an older Citroen, only reliable. Unlike older Citroens though, Skoda’s tend to value practicality over style. The Kodiaq RS is no exception. It’s too long for it’s width, but once you’re inside, things quickly improve. 

Tech Inside: 

The Kodiaq RS is at the top Skoda’s SUV tree. As such, it comes with the full enchilada: CarPlay, full LED lights front and back, a plethora of airbags, a suite of semi-autonomous driving functions and a cracking dash display. The RS is fitted with Canton branded audio; famous for German speakers, but in the Kodiaq, the audio quality is better than average, but well below the standard of the Dynaudio system available from Volkswagen, Skoda’s parent company. 

Most Impressive:

I think I’ve got a handle on Volkswagen Group’s family. The freaks: Bentley, Bugatti, Porsche, Lamborghini and Ducati. The world cars: Golfs and Passats. And the quirky Euros: practical Skoda and sporty SEAT. Sadly, we don’t get sporty SEATs anymore, but luckily we do get practical Skodas. 

Huge in Europe, Skoda is still an outlier here, but this really is a car that deserves to be on the Australian market. Nifty features such as 7 seats (covered in awesome alcantara type trim), built in umbrellas (like a Roller), bump protectors that jump out from the doors once opened (that should be made a mandatory requirement), wireless charging (useless without wireless CarPlay), huge boot space (once the rear most seats are folded away), touchless tailgate opening, little bag hooks everywhere and other natty storage solutions, and all sorts of other cool lifestyle accessories (like a Skoda branded dog harness!).

Not So Impressive :

There are only two things wrong with the Skoda Kodiaq RS. Firstly, the diesel engine. There is nothing wrong with it – it’s powerful and relatively smooth. I just don’t get diesel engines in sporty cars. I just can’t think of any reason why Skoda would spec Australian Kodiaq RS’s with the diesel engine over the excellent petrol from the Golf GTi. Secondly, the price. As good as the Kodiaq RS is, the list price is $71990. Like, you say what now!

Volkswagen’s own Tiguan Highline Allspace, while not as overtly sporty, comes with the aforementioned GTi engine and $5k in change in the boot! I love the Skoda, but it’s just too expensive and too oily.