With a few options and customisation, dual cabs, like the Ford Ranger FX4, can be excellent family cars, but what else is out there for the money. 

Here are some alternatives to the Ford Ranger FX4 for similar money

1. 2016 Ford Falcon XR6 Sprint FG X – $57900 – 2k km

If you’re wedded to the blue oval, check out the last of the Aussie made family sedans. This one is like new, has massive turbo power and can easily run a family of five around in comfort. If you’re a little less concerned with having the absolute last of the breed, you can get something similar for half the price – leaving plenty of cash spare for a box trailer and a tow bar. 

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2. 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT – $60000 – 44k km

It’s hard to beat the driveway appeal of the Ranger FX4, but this SRT Grand Cherokee certainly gives it a go. While the big 6.4 litre V8 might be a touch thirsty, you’re sure to be toast of the town once you fire that bad boy up for the morning commute. 

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3. 2019 Toyota Prado GXL – $59490 – 5k km

We took a Prado around Australia a little while ago. Throw a suspension upgrade in its direction and you have a near perfect blend of all round ability. Would I buy another one? In a heartbeat.  

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