The price barrier for smart home gear is tumbling, gone are the days of $50, $60 or higher priced light bulbs, you can now get a smart light bulb for just $10.

Connect SmartHome products are exclusive to Harvey Norman, produced by Aussie company Laser they were a clear value proposition when launched, but now they’ve taken the pricing to the next level.

Three core products are creating a really cool option for people to expand on their Google Home or Alexa to make it work as a smart home, or for around $100 you can get a Google Home or Alexa as well as these products.

Laser boss Chris Lau says “As a proud and well-established Australian company, we are well positioned to service this category, challenge existing pricing structures, and provide customers with affordable options in creating their connected home, often for the very first time. In under a year, CONNECT has become a key driver of the smart home categories through our partnership with Harvey Norman, and today’s price reductions will only continue our drive to make this technology as accessible to as many people as possible.”

CONNECT SmartHome – Smart White LED Light Bulbs – $10

Available in 10W or 5W options, with either B222, E37 or E14 fittings, these lights go into your existing light sockets. Once plugged in they operate like any other light bulb with the flick of a switch.

But when installed and powered on, you can also connect them to your WiFi network using the Connect SmartHome app, and from there, a simple “Alexa, turn on Victoria’s Light” or whatever you call it – is the command to make it work.

Web: Harvey Norman

CONNECT SmartHome – Smart Wi-Fi Plug – $18

If you’ve got a lamp or other product plugged into the wall which might have a smaller bulb, or a unique bulb, or perhaps it’s just the Iron you keep forgetting to turn off, a Smart WiFi Plug allows you to control the power at the power point.

Kinda like a double adaptor in size, you plug whatever device you want into this smart plug, and that device is powered on an off with the touch of an app, or the command of your voice.

Web: Harvey Norman

CONNECT SmartHome – Indoor Security Camera – $39

If you’re looking to add a view into your home, or out the window, perhaps a simple indoor security camera will do the trick. Just $39, and you’ve got motion detection, night vision, pan and tilt capabilities and a 720p HD image.

Web: Harvey Norman

If you’re anything like me, all it takes is one thing to get you started.

For those with a Google Home or Alexa that you’re using to ask the weather, play music or maybe tell you some jokes, this is the perfect chance to buy one light bulb for $10 – and find out just how cool it is to say “Hey Google, turn the light on”.

And there are ongoing energy savings too – setting routines to turn off lights during the day, asking Alexa to turn off all the lights when you go to bed – lots of great ideas that aren’t just smart in the tech sense, but smart on the hip pocket too.