All phone cases are the same. A flexible bit of something that wraps around your phone and offers a level of protection to your daily bumps and drops. Nope. Not when you consider the Vapor-S case from ElementCase.

This thing caught my eye the second it hit my desk here at EFTM, and I ripped it open to fit it to my iPhone X.

Problem was, I couldn’t work it out – it didn’t bend at one end to fit.  No.  Inside the box was another small box with a little tool in it.

Using that tool you have to undo five screws on the case, which then separates the front and back portions of the case.

Before you fit it though, there’s also a glass back plate protector which is made to fit inside the shape of the Vapor-S case.

Putting the front and back together is simple, twisting the screws tight is easy.  If you lose one – don’t stress – there are spare screws in the box.

It feels solid, the front is aluminium, the back plate is a polycarbonate.

Each of the buttons are independently built into the case so they operate like normal in day to day use.

My only gripe is that because of the size of the case, the mute/silence toggle switch is a touch harder to access.

Inside the case there are actually some small rubber bumpers which protect the phone on the corners from any drops and knocks which help it achieve military specifications for drop testing.

It’s a cracker product.  Coming to stores and online very soon, should retail around $99.95 from Element Case online.

One tip though – don’t lose the little tool – otherwise when you want to remove the case you’re going to be heading to Bunnings for the world’s smallest Allen Key.