If I was ever lucky enough to buy a brand new Porsche, It would be custom – not one of the ones sitting on a showroom floor. And the dealer would hate me. Week in, week out I’d be asking “are we there yet” like an annoying child on the family road trip.

Because I’ve put huge money into this, so why wouldn’t I want to know where it’s at every step of the way.

All 911 customers in Australia can now follow their order step by step as a way of filling that time between order and delivery.

Using the “My Porsche” customer website, owners will see their car in two and soon to be four camera locations along the production line.

Basically, because the whole process is computerised, they’re just adding a photo into the system for you to see – easy really!

Christian Friedl from the Porsche factory in Zuffenhausen says “We are bringing production to life for our customers,”

“We produce highly personalised and fascinating sports cars every day in our main factory. The motivation for this is provided by our customers from all over the world. The success factor is our employees, who make customer dreams come true with perfection and passion. Allowing this behind-the-scenes insight creates an obligation for us, but also serves as a source of motivation.”

Robert Ader, Vice President Customer Relations at Porsche says this is about the Porsche experience. “Porsche believes in giving its customers a highly personalised experience from the very start – this now includes the time during which they are waiting for their car,”

“Our customers can now experience live how their individually configured dream car is being built – this will increase the sense of anticipation even more.”

Probably not the thing that’s going to tip you over the edge to buy a Porsche right? But when you do – cool system!