Two years ago we brought you the news that Foxtel was set to dump the “Cable” network in favor of Satellite for their residential customers using the IQ set-top boxes. EFTM can now confirm the next-generation Foxtel Set-top box will feature IP delivered live TV for those unable to install Satellite for reception.

This is all part of a $70 million dollar per year saving for Foxtel. That’s the amount they are paying Telstra for the use of the Pay TV (HFC) Cable network that covers homes in Melbourne, Sydney as well as parts of Brisbane and Perth.

The IQ4 when first revealed, an all-new look – ready for 4K

With the pressure on the Foxtel business model, and the fact they simply cannot not have Satellite due to the vast footprint they need to cover in Australia, something has to give.

Delivering via cable is duplication, and it’s a cost they can benefit from removing from their bottom line.

Fetch TV has for years been delivering high-quality fast-loading IPTV channels – live TV that comes into your home via your internet connection. There’s no reason Foxtel can’t do the same. Their channels are already available as IP channels, Foxtel Now customers, and Foxtel Customers using the Foxtel Go app know this.

So, it makes sense that a new generation set top box is coming. It makes even more sense that it will operate with either a Satellite or IP connection.

For those people not willing to put a satellite on their roof, or for people living in shared buildings where Satellite connectivity is problematic for various reasons, Foxtel need a solution, or they risk losing customers.

In a survey sent to a select group of customers, Foxtel is asking what the new box should be called. Taking suggestions from their users.

What’s interesting most here is this set of notes provided to those answering the questions.

This confirmed a “new” Set-top-box. It also confirms the box is set to replace connectivity to their “Channel network” for those unable to get Satellite.

Finally, it confirms that the new box will operate otherwise – like an IQ4.

Which begs the question – will the IPTV delivered streamed channels include the 4K channels?

We’ll have to wait and see.

Are they contemplating an all-new name? Yes.

The “logical” IQ5 is offered as one of four naming suggestions.

This new box could be months way, or a year away, but with the business pressure on Foxtel and that $70 million saving looming large over their accounts, you can expect the integration of the live channels, something their TV Apps, Now Box and other apps have long been doing – could be rushed to get this new box to market.

Time will tell.

But let’s play a game – what would YOU call it?

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We’ll update with more information as it comes to hand.

Thanks to our tipster for the info:)