As restrictions ease and people start traveling again for work and pleasure, there’s an obvious rise in cars on the road, and people traveling using Cabs and Rideshare services like Uber.

So, with Uber Drivers thinking they’re likely to have more people in and out of their cars, and as potential passengers weigh up the options for travel Dettol could save the day.

Uber Australia has partnered with Reckitt Benckiser who make Dettol to provide germ killing cleansers to Uber drivers.

Drivers for Uber will receive hygine kits made up of Dettol products to ensure Uber drivers can have hand sanitiser ready for riders, and disinfectant wipes for themselves to clean down surfaces regularly.

It’s part of a $50 million global commitment to the cause – helping to ensure both riders and drivers are safe during the pandemic.

Dom Taylor, boss of Uber Australia, said “As cities begin to re-open and people turn to Uber to get around, we want to help people move with confidence. We’re thrilled to work with RB to ensure our partners have access to the sanitising products they need, at no cost to them. Our focus is helping make driver partners feel supported and that riders can have confidence that steps have been taken to help make their trip hygienically clean. This initiative comes at no extra cost for riders or driver partners.”

Dettol’s Henry Turgoose added “As government travel restrictions begin to ease, many Australians are assessing their transport options, considering hygiene practices while on the move. The Uber app plays an important role in helping get many of us from A to B, and we’re thrilled to help provide germ protection to both driver partners and riders who use the Uber app both now and beyond the restrictions.

“At RB, our products are designed to protect, heal and nurture in our relentless pursuit of a cleaner, healthier world. We are always seeking new ways of supporting our vision, including relevant partnerships such as this,”