If your neighbour is a Harley-Davidson guy, good news, their next Harley might not wake you up in the morning.

The long awaited Livewire Electric Harley-Davidson is now available for pre-order in Australia with a starting price of just under $50,000.

Aside from the throbbing engine and the sound, Harley-Davidson still say this is a “high-performance motorcycling experience”, it’s just that it’s now “infused with a new level of technology”.

But it looks every bit a Harley.

Range will be up to 235kms, with the bike optimised for the urban rider, not quite the grand cruiser.

0-100kp/h is clocked up in 3.0 seconds, for a burst of overtake the 100-129km/h time is just 1.9 seconds as a sign of how quickly torque is available in an EV

It could well be the simplest motorcycle experience on the road too – with no clutch, no gear shifting, this is twist-and-go. That alone will attract a vast array of new riders to the Harley.

But while there isn’t a throbbing engine between your legs, Harley-Davidson have taken into account a lot of the needs of a rider. When the LiveWire is fired up, there’s a “heartbeat” sensation designed to let you know the bike is fired up and ready to go. The pulsing doesn’t happen when you’re on the run, though there is a signature Harley-Davidson sound produced when it’s on the go.

It’s a new sound, representing the “smooth, electric power” of the LiveWire.

The battery has a five-year unlimited km warranty, and the maintenance is low. No Spark Plugs, no air filter, or primary drive all needing service. And no oil to change.

Given the battery size (Compared to an EV Car), 0-100% battery charge happens in just 60 minutes, with 80 percent achieved in 40 minutes.

Looks the goods!