The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting physical distancing and lockdown gave many of us the chance to pick up new habits. A new survey, conducted by comparison website Whistleout, has focused on what we did during the lockdown and you’d expect, most of us spent more time online

The survey, the result of polling 1,000 Australians aged 18 and over, showed 78% of us spent more time online in the last few months, 18% of those polled admitted to spending an additional 5 hours per day online, though 21.7% said they spent no additional time online during the lockdown period.

According to the survey, the additional hours online were spent keeping people distracted, and in touch with family.

Video streaming and video conferencing were the main distractions, with social media and instant and text messaging helping to while away the hours. Video streaming services got a bump during the period, with 39% of those polled saying they’ve subscribed to a new video streaming service – with 72% of all Australians now subscribed to a video streaming service Netflix is the big winner on the video streaming front, with 63% of Australians now subscribed to the service.

While video streaming and conferencing is a big part of how we spent our time, we’ve also been ordering more through online shopping, getting in shape using online personal training services and of course we’ve been gaming online (I know I have!).

Of course all these online activities need a connection – but according to the survey our internet connections have been good, with 75% of people saying they were satisfied with the performance of their home internet, while only 12% have been dissatisfied.

Interestingly Whistleout found that almost ‘1-in-5 people (17%) didn’t know what type of internet connection they had, and of those with an NBN connection, 1-in-3 (29%) didn’t know what speed tier they were on’.

Catching up on the latest movies and TV shows, as well as with friends and family, and turning to new online hobbies seem to be a good way to have spent the COVID-19 restriction period for most respondents. It’s not over yet – more so if you’re in Victoria. So, what did you do during the COVID-19 restrictions?