A multi-million dollar walkway across the top of Mount Panorama on the inside of the Bathurst roadway come racetrack is nearing completion, allowing for spectacular views of the region and getting walkers off the roadway.

Construction on the project kicked off last August and as it stands today things are looking much closer to completion.

Overall the walkway spans the entire top of the mountain, from Griffins Bend across to Forrest Elbow, measuring 1.7km.

Up top there are two viewing platforms right on the edge of the racetrack allowing visitors and locals spectacular views of the region.

This is not about spectators for the Great Race. In fact, the walkway would likely be closed for the race weekend, as it’s on the inside of the track, where no spectators are allowed.

The issue on the mountain and the main reason for the Council and State Government investment in the project is the safety of walkers.

Driving the circuit today, I saw at least 20-30 walkers, each on the edge of the bitumen roadway.

It’s dangerous, especially given the tight closed nature of many of the turns, and even at the posted 60km/h limit, it’s a dangerous run with walkers and cars together.

It looks amazing, will be an epic walk as part of the 6.213km circuit for sure.