iOS 14 looks set to be the biggest refresh of the iPhone’s visual interface since the very first iPhone, packed with Widgets and updates throughout.

As is now traditional, Apple is making a Public Beta version of the software available ahead of the likely September launch.

A Beta is a test, it’s a test version of software that companies use to encourage feedback from users to ensure the software is bulletproof and ready for release when it does go public.

So with that said, an important reminder to backup your data before attempting to use any Beta software, and in this instance, it’s always recommended you do not use the Beta on your primary device.

However, having run the developer Beta now for several weeks, I really think this is one of the most stable Beta versions Apple has released. Time will tell.

To get the Public Beta you need to go to the Apple Beta website on your iPhone – That’s Beta.Apple.Com

From there you need to Sign up to the Beta program using your Apple ID.

Once signed up, choose the iOS 14 page, and look for the Option to “Install Profile”

This will give you several prompts

And install this “profile” on your device. This is the Softwares way of telling your phone to look for the Beta software not the public iOS 13 version when doing a software update.

Once that’s done, head into Settings, look for the “Profile Download” option up the top.

And “Install Profile”.

Once that’s done, head back to Settings, General and Software update, and you’re good to install iOS 14!


And remember, when you see a bug, or have an issue, don’t whinge about it on social media, click the Feedback App and report it to developers! That’s the whole point.