It’s a $26,000 small car. That’s smallish money, but there are cheaper cars out there. However, after 3-4 months, and basically this car becoming part of my family – There’s no faulting the Mazda 2.

I’ve been driving the G15 Evolve, it’s the middle of the range. It misses out on Mazda’s radar cruise control, front parking sensors, and 360-degree reversing camera found in the GT model for another $1,500 or so – and frankly, I’d stump up for that.

Not because I missed out on them, but because as the owner of a 2010 Mazda 2, I can forsee this car being in your household for 10 years.

A Mazda 2 isn’t a car you lease, it’s a car you buy, you own, you live with as probably your second car.

For some, perhaps those at the two farthest ends of the age spectrums this might be their only car.

Head up display – massive tick. Already missing it having opted for a lower spec car to drive for the next little while.

Lane keep assistance – brilliant. And frankly, very well done too – it’s not too aggressive, in fact it’s subtle but very powerful when needed – for teenagers this is brilliant.

But you know what I love the most. Looks and quality. It’s a great looking car, that itself has an air of higher value to it, and on the inside the trim is excellent. Not at all something you could describe as cheap, and certainly in 10 years the interior of a Mazda 2 has come a remarkably long way.

Sadly for Mazda, they don’t have a sale in me. But only because our trusty Mazda 2 (Stellar – that’s what we call her), is just going so strong. Fortunately I upgraded the radio in the 2010 car to a Pioneer head unit with Apple CarPlay, frankly if that wasn’t the case she’d be traded faster than a losing NRL coach.

There’s a reason Mazda sells so many cars in Australia, they are reliable, they are high quality, and they drive well. Isn’t that all you want in a car?

Fuel Consumption over three months – 7.4l/100km – in what was very much around town and ducking to the shops usage.

Thanks to Mazda Australia for the longer-term review period, giving a true ownership experience that helps re-enforce the things you observe in a short one week review.