I’m not sure if this is the pinnacle of innovation, or the height of laziness but Samsung are selling a slick and powerful new Stick Vacuum with a nifty little accessory for just $100 more. They both suck.

As intended of course.

The oldest joke in the Vacuum reviewers handbook applies to both the stick vacuum and the separately sold “Clean Station” but in all honesty, even at $100 – I don’t see the value in the clean station in most circumstances. More on that shortly.

In it’s simplest form the Samsung VS90 Stick Vacuum is a $1299 battery powered powerhouse. That comes with the turbo brush and for most people it’s the bees knees.

There’s even a spinning head attachment that can be wet and used as a mop.

Personally, as a stick vacuum with an on off switch, meaning you don’t need a finger on the trigger to keep it running – It’s a winner for me.

Do I think it cleans any better? Has better suction? No idea – It does the job, on carpets and hard floors, that’s what matters to me.

Plus the stand for the Jet Stick is sleek and elegant. These are all positives, and while that may or may not be enough to get you over the line from a possible Dyson purchase, perhaps the Clean station will do that for you.

This Clean station is $399. But if you buy it with your Jet Stick, it’s $100.

What does it do? Well, in the box is a new cylinder for your dust and dirt and particles. This one looks similar, though seems a touch smaller – but has one key difference.

Clean Station Cylinder replaces the original on the left.

The bottom has a latch that allows all the dust and debris you vacuum up to be SUCKED OUT of the cylinder within the Clean Station – you walk up, put the cylinder in and WHOOSH it sucks it all out clean and ready to vacuum again.

But it takes it all down into a Vacuum bag, that you’re going to need to empty out every few vacuums for sure. It’s hardly a 44 gallon drum down there

I see only one need for this. Small apartments.

When I clear out the vacuum I do it over the red council bin. At worst I do it in the kitchen bin, knowing full well it’s about to be emptied.

In an apartment, you don’t want dust around from the vacuum junk in the bin. So, the clean station takes care of that! Genius.

But, not for everyone.

Bottom line, the Samsung Jet Stick is a great cleaner, it’s reasonably quiet, has all the attachments you need to get a great clean, and for those in a small apartment, the Clean Station could be a great use of an extra $100.