Unlimited data options in Australia generally come with a limited amount of ‘full speed’ data, but Optus are bucking this trend giving their users an option to go truly unlimited with their new Unlimited Data Day option.

For an additional $5 a day, Optus customers on selected Postpaid and Prepaid $30+ recharge mobile plans can get an “all you can eat” 24 hours of unlimited data.

Optus’ Managing Director of Marketing and Revenue Matt Williams said, “We know our customers want great value and for the price they would typically pay for their morning coffee- our new Unlimited Data Day opens up infinite possibilities.”

The daily nature of the Unlimited Data Day means you can utilise it as you see fit. You could stream FullHD quality Netflix for 24 hours – normally 72GB – or download all those Linux ISOs you’ve been saving, with no impact on your monthly data cap.

You can of course get unlimited data across all three major carriers in Australia, however all three will drop download speed down to 1.5Mbps once you reach your data cap – Unlimited Data Day is an easy, and relatively cheap way to get access to a lot of data, at full speed, without affecting your monthly data cap.

The Unlimited Data Day is activated from the My Optus app – available on Android and iOS – and gives you a full 24 hours from activation. There are of course some terms and conditions, such as you can’t share the data, and you have to use it in a mobile phone in Australia – no putting it into a WiFi dongle ;).

I was a part of the Optus $2 Days 3G plan when it existed, which gave you unlimited data for $2 per day, but at 3G speeds. They killed the plan a couple of years back to much dismay from customers. It wasn’t much, but I could get a lot of data down that 3G pipe – and it’s really nice to see an option, even a more expensive truly unlimited option back on deck.

Optus is offering the Unlimited Data Day from today and you can check it out at optus.com.au/unlimiteddataday.