TCL are a massive name in electronics, but their reach into Australia has been slow and steady, allowing Samsung to dominate and Hisense to build an enviable second tier brand that today sits close to if not on par with Samsung and LG.

However, TCL’s global portfolio means they have all the best technology, as is evident in their announcement of four new models for Australia.

All QLED panels, featuring the now well known Quantum dot technology to enhance your picture and colour quality, these are TCLs premium units.

And it doesn’t get much more premium than an 8K TV.

The TCL X915 series is available in 65 and 75 inch sizes with the larger carrying a price tag just shy of six grand.

As an 8K Screen, that’s about as future proof as you can get in a TV, however we’ve yet to set eyes on its upscaling capabilities which will be critical to the units success. If you’re in a store contemplating this, ensure you ask the store to switch to some SD or HD content to see how it handles the challenge.

Perhaps most fascinating is TCL’s push into MiniLED – this is different to the MicroLED technology being pushed by Samsung in “The Wall” and other large format TVs.

MiniLED is all about the backlight. The LED panel is the same, and the Quantum dot layer remains, but behind both is a panel of LED’s so small they are basically one for one with each pixel.

This should provide an OLED like picture quality with deep blacks alongside the richest colours.

As a testament to this technology’s cutting edge nature, these X10 series MiniLED units will cost more than even the 8Ks on offer.

TCL’s QLED TV 2020 range looks to take entertainment to the next level by revolutionising the at-home viewing experience,” said TCL Electronics Australia/New Zealand Managing Director, Mark Zhang.

As a leader in innovation, we pride ourselves on developing the best in premium consumer electronics for our customers – ensuring that our products are more than just a smart tv.”

The “standard” QLED offering from TCL starts at $999 with a 50 inch C715 series, and goes up to $2,999 for the C815 series 75 incher.

All these premium screens feature Dolby Vision, HDR10+ 4K picture, as well as Dolby Atmos and perhaps most critical to their “smarts” are all Android TVs.

Prices on the TCL 2020 Premium QLED range are:

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